First Meeting

January 15, 2014 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library

This was a planning meeting. Katy Huff, Ryan Bergmann, and Professor Rachel Slaybaugh attended. Together we discussed a possible suite of useful software practices to discuss this semester.

What is this?

We discussed that part of the purpose of these meetings is to restart a successful group that originated in Wisconsin, “The Hacker Within.” Ideally, this meeting will facilitate sharing skills and best practices for computational nuclear engineering applications. Last semester, we had a couple such meetings. In spring semester I would like to share a number of skills for scientific software development (testing, data management, version control, literate programming etc. ) and to ask the rest of you to share the skills you have as well. The goal will be to incorporate these practices into our workflows. This would be a great venue for introducing new libraries, showing off useful features of a neutronics code you’re using, or bringing up a computational problem you’re having.

What can be expected?

We decided to try meetings with an agenda structured thus:

What are the topics?

The topics for the first part of the semester will focus on reproducibility:

Lightning Talks

A number of good topics were identified for lightning talks or talk series. If you’re interested in talking about these or something else, just come prepared. If the talk you want to give is in a series, consider banding together a group of folks who would like to give the other parts of the series.