Serpent and LaTeX - Alejandra Jolodosky and Katy Huff

September 17, 2014 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library


Discussion: Serpent

Alejandra Jolodosky

Alejandra is a graduate student in the nuclear engineering department. She’ll discuss the use of Serpent and how to find a bug when using it.


Download the slides here.

Discussion: LaTeX, markup for science

Katy Huff

Katy Huff is a postdoctoral scholar in NSSC and BIDS.


Notes and code examples can be found here.

Lightning Talks

Kelly Rowland : Today I learned what a call stack is.

Everyone, check out the wikipedia article for Call Stack

Ross Barnowski : Did you know LaTeX + Matplotlib = Awesome

With dollar signs in plain text, matplotlib renders math on your plot, in the title, on the axes, in the labels… wherever!