ORIGEN and Open Source

November 19, 2014 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library


Discussion: ORIGEN - Max Fratoni

Max gave us an overview of ORIGEN, a depletion code. Max’s presentation can be found here.

Max Fratoni

Max is a professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering.


ORIGEN-S is within the Scale package and is maintained by the Scale maintainers, whereas ORIGEN2 is standalone. ORIGEN-ARP is a graphical interface for ORIGEN-S. It’s possible to use 3 energy groups in ORIGEN-S and the cross sections are kept up-to-date

So, how do we run the code? Max went over the various data we need to input

They produce:

Every material you provide must be one of the three groups

Of course these groups overlap.

You also have to provide information about every nuclide (decay constants, decay heats, etc.) These decay data libraries are plaintext. ORIGEN comes packaged with this information.

You also have to provide the cross section libraries. ORIGEN comes with some of these. The cross section libraries have to be selected carefully.

The input files are TAPE files… because they used to actually be tapes.

Dicussion: Open Source Contribution

We intentionally misspelled everyone’s names and went through the issue-pull-request-review-pull-close workflow seen in many open source projects.