Julia - Kyle Barbary

April 8, 2015 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library


About 25 people.

Kyle Barbary

Kyle is a postdoc in the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics and a BIDS fellow. Like many people, he has a website.


Julia is a high-level language (like Python) that emphasizes performance. Slides and Jupyter notebooks from the talk can be found in this Github repository.

If you’re living in future and the link is broken, look in https://github.com/kbarbary/talks/


Julia solves the two language problem, where high-level languages are easy to program in, but they use some other low level language on the backend. Julia, however, only uses Julia.

Fundamentally, Julia was created under the idea that dynamic languages don’t need to be slow. Julia seeks to be as fast as C, dynamic as ruby, useful as python, etc…

Julia is pretty fast. In some examples, very very fast. One of the cool things it does is to compile a function only on the first time you run it. Later runs are faster than the first.

The syntax seems really similar to python, except:

Rather than importing packages, the using syntax is used and the macros in that package are called with @func

Lightning Talks

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