Introductory Git and GitHub - Harrison Dekker and John Naulty Jr.

September 2, 2015 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library


Meeting Info

Harrison Dekker

Harrison Dekker is the director of the Data Lab, an essential student resource on campus for data-related inquiry.

John Naulty

A Berkeley alum with experience in neuroscience and devices.

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Welcome to Git!

We will be using these resources:


Other sources not covered today:

Lightning Talks

Finally, there will be a time for a couple of Lightning Talks, which are 5-10 minute blasts of information about a particular topic or question of interest to the group. This topic can be anything useful, new, or interesting to scientists who compute. It may be some new skill you have recently picked up in your research, a productivity tool you have recently learned to love, a quick demo of a useful library, or anything you feel we would enjoy learning.
Note that the lightning talk time is a good way to bring a question to the group. If you have a bug you need help with, here’s the place to ask many ears about it at once.

Aaron Culich : Two Factor Auth

Two factor auth is a way to robustify password use by combining it with hardware (like your phone).