Advanced Git and GitHub - Ross Barnowski, Kyle Barbary, Katy Huff

September 9, 2015 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library


Meeting Info

Ross Barnowski

Ross is a graduate student in Kai Vetter’s group in Nuclear Engineering. He has long hair.

Kyle Barbary

Kyle is a cosmologist and BIDS data science fellow. Kyle likes bicycles.

Katy Huff

Katy is a nuclear engineer and BIDS data science fellow.

Discussion: Advanced Git

We’ll be talking about a bunch of cool git stuff. This will range from powerful hacks everyone can use to awkward workarounds only a couple of people will ever use.

Undoing Stuff

Useful Configurations and Stuff

Dealing with Branches, Remotes, and Collaboration


Specialized Knowledge

Lightning Talks

Additionally, there will be a time for a couple of Lightning Talks, which are 5-10 minute blasts of information about a particular topic or question of interest to the group. This topic can be anything useful, new, or interesting to scientists who compute. It may be some new skill you have recently picked up in your research, a productivity tool you have recently learned to love, a quick demo of a useful library, or anything you feel we would enjoy learning.
Note that the lightning talk time is a good way to bring a question to the group. If you have a bug you need help with, here’s the place to ask many ears about it at once.

Name : Topic

Notes and links

Name : Topic

Notes and links

Hacky Hour

Inspired by the hackers of Australia, we’re taking this opportunity to try out a Hacky Hour. After the meeting is over, folks can stick around to review one another’s code. This part of the meeting is meant to be very casual, so feel free to pop open a beverage if you need to take the edge off of the code reviews (byo).