Install Party -- Aaron Culich and Stuart Geiger

September 13, 2017 at 5-6:30pm in BIDS, 190 Doe Library

The Hacker Within Install Party!

Installing all the things is always a pain, so why don’t we try and get as much as we can out of the way all at once? So for next week’s The Hacker Within (Sept 13th), we will be having an install party, where we will all try and help each other get various kinds of programming languages, libraries, development tools, and package environments installed. Come if you need things installed or can help others install things.

The plan

Your session leaders (Aaron and Stuart) are still working out how we ought to organize the install party, but we think this might work best as a series of lightning talks that could split into different groups and one-on-ones as appropriate, rather than a single linear session where everyone does the same thing. I imagine that we’ll be spending some time trying to debug each other’s environments when the official instructions don’t work. :) So we’re gathering info about what people want to install, where they want to install it, and who can help with what.

Click here to add your install environment, requests, and sign up to lead/help