Astronomy Code Review (for CAS researchers)

May 22, 2015

Where & When?

AR Building - Room 209. Friday 22nd May from 4pm.

About Code Review

Astronomy Code Review is organised by Ewan Barr and Neil Crighton. Once a fortnight Ewan and Neil host a code review/tutorial session open to all members of the Centre for Astrophysics Supercomputing (CAS). Primarily this acts as a help desk / discussion forum / review panel for scientific computing for astronomy researchers. These sessions are informal and CAS researchers are encouraged to bring along problems that they have that can be discussed with experts (one-on-one) or with a wider group. In the event of no specific topic or problem to address, the session will be used for some rapid tutorials into various languages and tools that will help turn you into a productive coder capable of producing extensible, well designed, functional code with the minimum of effort.

All tutorials will be live-coded and the code and outputs will be hosted on GitHub - CAS Code Review for people to download and play with.

This weeks topic - Introducing Astronomy Code Review

This will primarily be a discussion/brainstorming session on what people would like to see from code review and how we can make this activity as useful as possible for as many people as possible. If there is time we will have a short introduction to iPython Notebook looking at how to get the most from it. People are also welcome to bring a coding problem before hand. Ideally if you have a problem, copy and paste it into so that others can assess the problem prior to the code review session.

Who should attend

These Friday afternoon code review sessions are primariy for astronomy researchers. Non-astronomers wishing to partipate should contact Ewan or Neil directly.



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