Minimalist websites and blogs using GitHub, poole and Jekyll, and more D3js

May 6, 2015

Where & When

Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre - Room 206. Wednesday 6th May from 1-3pm.

Samara Neilson

Samara is Swinburne’s Research Data Coordinator and co-developer of the SR Analytics and ERA system for Swinburne Research. Both of these incorporate data visualisations of information such as publication data, research grants and research income.

What we plan on doing

This week we’ll look at how to create minimalist websites like the Week 3 D3js lesson plan that Samara created. This may serve as somewhere to embed your D3js visualisations. We’ll also keep working on D3js projects/tutorials and introduce more advanced elements if people want to develop things further.

Here are some resources to get you started: The Daring Fireball blog is a really useful website for learning Markdown basics ## What we worked on

We started by forking the GitHub repositories for poole and Hyde (optional formatting layer) and changing settings to generate our own webpage. The rest of the session looking at layout options; pages and posts, and working out how add iframes so that we could emebed our D3js and TimelineJS visualisations created from previous sessions.

Bar Chart Wrap-up from the previous session

Since last session Samara has been updating her D3js webpage to include a summary of bar charts and some more detailed notes about the D3js filter method that allows selections to be limited to items that pass a certain condition.

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