Hacky Hour (w/ SQL School from Mode Analytics)

July 8, 2015

Where & When

Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre - Room 206. Wednesday 8th June from 1:30 - 3pm.

General coding and project work

There is no tutorial or formal discussion scheduled for this session. Feel free to use this time to catch up on previous SHW sessions, work on your own projects, or brush up your coding skills. We recommend Codecademy, Khan Academy and Coursera to begin with. Examples of projects created by SHW participants can be found here. We generally work to music… (BBC 6 Music)

About SQL School

For those who want to keep learning SQL, the SQL School tutorials are designed for people who want to answer questions with data. For many, SQL is the “meat and potatoes” of data analysis —it is used for accessing, cleaning, and analyzing data that is stored in databases. It’s very easy to learn, but is employed by the world’s largest companies to solve incredibly challenging problems.

SQL School is designed for aspiring analysts who have used Excel a little bit, but have no SQL experience. If you’re already somewhat familiar with SQL or find the lessons to be a bit slow, check out the table of contents and start in the place that’s right for you.

Though some of the lessons may be useful for software developers using SQL in their applications, this tutorial doesn’t cover how to set up SQL databases or how to use them in software applications—it is not a comprehensive resource for aspiring software developers.

About Mode Analytics

Mode Analytics is the best place for analytical work: write SQL, share ad-hoc analysis, and build powerful visualizations to help everyone make better decisions. Mode is a collaborative analytics platform that makes it easy to analyze data and share Results. These lessons, quizzes, and deep-dives are designed to train anyone to work with data.

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