March 27, 2015
12-1 PM
3425 Sterling Hall


Elliott Biondo

I am a fourth year graduate student in nuclear engineering working under Paul Wilson. My research is in radiation transport methods for nuclear activation problems encountered in fusion energy devices.

I have been using LaTeX/Beamer for nearly every document I compose, since the beginning of my second year of graduate school.


LaTeX is a powerful, widely-used markup language used to prepare documents. Beamer is a component of LaTeX used for making presentations. Together these tools offer an (in my opinion much better) alternative to standard word-processing and presentation software.

The benefits of LaTeX include absolute control over every detail, a full-featured math mode, automatic handling of equations, citations, tables, figures, and code listings. In the spirit of this student group, LaTeX is highly hackable. Perhaps most importantly, LaTeX is entirely text-based, so every aspect of a LaTeX document can be version controlled (but that’s a topic for another time!).

This presentation will start with some simple and practical LaTeX and Beamer examples. Input files will be provided here, so audience members can follow along if they’d like. Once everyone is up-to-speed on the basics, some intermediate/advanced features will be demonstrated.

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