The Hacker Within, Wisconsin Reboot

January 26, 2015

A group of about 20 interested people answered the call to contribute to a reboot of the founding Hacker Within chapter at U. Wisconsin-Madison. The most important decision that we made was to meet again. More specfiically, to meet on Friday, January 30, at 12 noon… and hopefully every 2 weeks there after.

The plan for that first meeting, now scheduled for ME2188, is to provide a brief overview of the Jekyll markup system for Github pages, facilitating others being able to contribute in the future. That subject is now at risk.

We did, however, identify a number of topics for future meetings.

We were able to brainstorm a fairly extensive list of topics. Two important observations:

  1. The list of those committed to giving presentations is severely lacking student contributions. This effort will only succeed if students are willing to share their own experiences. It is not a course: it is a community of peers who are learning from each other.
  2. The list of topics is NOT closed. If you have an idea that you are interested in - or even better, interested in presenting! - then please feel free to add it to the list.

Those with potential presenters

==================================== Topics without identified presenters =====================================



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