Hands-on Tutorial of NAMD and VMD

October 14, 2015

Meeting Info

Technical: “Hands-on Tutorial of NAMD and VMD”

Maxim Belkin

Molecular dynamics simulations help us understand the origins of molecular behavior at the nanometer and femtosecond scales. In this session we will prepare and run molecular dynamics simulations of DNA in a solid-state (graphene) nanopore using VMD and NAMD.



Lightning Research Talk: “Vortex-induced Vibrations of a Sprung Cylinder with Nonlinear Internal Elements”

Antoine Blanchard

Structures immersed in a flow may experience vibrations due to their interaction with the surrounding fluid, which over time can cause fatigue or failure. We use direct numerical simulations to gain insight into the underlying dynamics of such interaction, and design novel devices that can mitigate undesired vibrations of the structure.




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