Data Science & Machine learning

October 3, 2018

Data Science

The first part of this weeks THW meeting will focus on data science. Together we will explore one of the most fundamental datasets in astronomy—the HR diagram—in order to show how we can learn about stellar evolution, structure, and populations from only two dimensions of data. In the process, we will touch on some of the techniques (bias identification, clustering) and coding tools (pandas, sklearn, seaborn) that are useful in data science, as well as a popular stellar evolution code, MESA.

Machine learning

The second part will explore machine learning. In this talk we’ll be doing some fun hands on machine learning (from a jupyter notebook). The activity is to get us all familiar with the data science process and tackle a classification problem. By the end of the workshop you should be able to identify a data science problem and have a feel of the procedure of solving said problem.



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