Git Version Control Overview

August 26, 2015


Version control software helps researchers track and document code development and is essential for combining the work of groups developing on the same code base. A very popular and open source version control software is Git and will be introduced through the use of the online code repository Github. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to an open source project using git and Github.


Meeting Info

Lightning Research Talk

The development of state-of-the-art simulation model that self-consistently couple the electronic and phonon transport is essential in creating a cycle that will push designs to have lower carbon footprints and in creating environmentally conscious electronics that minimize waste. We provide a quick primer on the physics of nanoelectronic devices as well as some of the key challenges faced.


THW-Berkley: Intro to Git I

THW-Berkley: Intro to Git II

Prez Tip #1

A helpful way to view the progression of your git repository is with a handy shortcut:

$ git config --global "log --all --graph --date=short --format=format:\"%C(yellow)%h%Creset %cd%Cred%d %Cblue%cn%Creset %s\""

Then just type:

$ git la

Source: Professor Matt West’s git quick-ref




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